A wardrobe option to fall all over | Atlanta boudoir photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

Let's talk about Fall. This glorious season in which it's just cool enough to wear some layers and just warm enough to get to choose how many layers you want to wear. For Atlanta, summer is brutal for fashion. We carry changes of clothes in our cars for when we inevitably sweat through whatever we're wearing. 

Fall is amazing. We can finally curate outfits that look like they are straight out of a fashion-blogger's closet instead of the set of the Walking Dead... plus there's the whole 'smell of fires and leaves and festivals'. 

While boudoir photography isn't exactly a seasonal activity, there are specific wardrobe requests that have a more seasonal feel to them! One such request is the classic big-ol' sweater. The sweater-look is one of those wardrobe ideas that, while extremely simple, can be molded and changed to match any personality! There are chunky sweaters, long sweaters, sheer sweaters, off the shoulder sweaters, holey (not the religious kind) sweaters, tight sweaters, ....you get the picture :) 

AND...in honor of fall and sweater-weather... here are some recent examples! 


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