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Guys, I see SO many props. I capitalize 'SO' because I want you to know that I see a lot of props. You know what, I also say 'SO' in that way (you know...the capitalization) because I want you to know that it is totally ok to bring in a prop. Hell, I welcome it!!! Props are personal, they reflect elements of your personality that can only be brought out by the presence of Harry Potter glasses/soccer balls/whips/feathers/paint/Falcons jerseys/McDonald's Hamburgers/etc. 

I love it. 

Props get a bad rap... I don't know why, maybe because our only experience with prop photography (in a sexy way) comes from 70s Glamour shots and George Costanza's sexy shoot from Seinfeld. 

Prop photography (in boudoir) is so much fun for me, I love getting to design incredible photographs that are personally special to my client (or the person my client happens to love). That is what 'props' are to me... personal. Also, I wish there was a different word to use than 'prop'. It sounds so....blah. Let's from now on refer to props as 'personal sex appeal enhancers'


Now.... for a recent example of a personal sex appeal enhancer: 

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