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**I’m reviving this post because it is SPRING BREAK season and the rules of boudoir posing definitely work for swimsuit posing. Summer is coming up next, so I hope this helps everyone take the best vacation photos!

We all love the promise of spring, summer, and warmer weather. What’s not to love? The stores put out the new fashions, there are even cuter sandals than last year, patios are sensible again, and the beach/pool are regular weekend activities. One could almost go into a happiness coma thinking about it all - until it suddenly hits you that bathing suits will be involved. The mere thought of putting on a suit after a winter of soup, blankets, and hottie-toddys can terrify me back to Siberia.

Fear not, readers! You may not be feeling your best, but I will teach you how to pose your best! It never fails that we’ll have that one friend wanting to Instagram every step we take, and so it’s important to know how to look our best.

In honor of the start of summer (and swimsuit season!) here are a few important posing tips for your upcoming, vacation, lake day, etc. Hint: these tips also apply to your boudoir photos :) 

Some Don'ts

1) Don’t do the straight-on shot. This pose doesn’t allow the camera to register any of your shape and angles because your entire body is on the same camera-plane. The result is a very flat shot that gives the illusion of a wider and shorter shape.

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2) Don’t do the ‘legs apart’ shot. For the same reasons as above, this pose causes the camera to see you a bit wider and shorter. When feet are a part the eye sees a ‘box’ instead of anything curvy. While the hand-on-the-hip is usually a great idea, in the straight-on and legs-apart shot it can accentuate the ‘box’ figure. I also think this makes me look pissed. I’d rather look approachable :)

You can see in this image how my body looks much wider since the eye is drawn to the distance between my feet and creates a ‘boxy’ assumption about my figure. My hand on my hip is not helping the ‘box’.

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3) Don’t put all of your weight on the hip/leg closest to the camera. Putting your weight on any leg will cause your muscles to bulk up a bit (as it should!). Whatever is closest to the camera (boobs, legs, head, shoulders, knees, toes, etc) will appear the largest. This is great if we're trying to make something appear fuller/larger (like the booty for example). However, in this particular pose it a) creates the illusion of larger thighs and tummy regions b) will make you appear inches shorter c) will give the idea of weight that isn’t there, especially in the tummy area. I can’t believe I am even putting this online. This is something that I would de-tag right away and hold against my so-called friend for the rest of her life.

You can see in this photo how my thighs appear larger than they normally are since that is where I am holding my weight. The angle makes me look much shorter than I am, and I have some bulges in the tummy.


Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 7.46.39 AM.png


And now for the "DO"s...

3) Do stand at an angle and
4) Do put all of your weight on your back hip and
5) Do put your hand on the smallest part of your waist. You can see an insta-difference between this image and the above image. They are the same pose, just with the back-hip/leg holding my weight. The angle works well with the camera. I have what I want to appear the ‘smallest’ the furthest away from the camera. This pose should be your go-to. Hands-on-hip are a great accessory to this pose, but make sure your elbows are out so that you don’t appear to only have one arm.
I’m going to use this shot for my Miss. America swimsuit entry. I kid, I kid.

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Success!! I hope all of your swimsuit images are stupendous this year. Remember, these posing tricks/tips also apply to clothed photos :)

Our Lingerie Shopping Guide is now available!! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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The official Own Boudoir Lingerie Shopping Guide is here!

We’ve gone through seven years of helping clients and photographers know where to find the best lingerie, the best body chains, the perfect off-the-shoulder sweaters, and not-too-tight thigh highs, and heels that are the perfect height. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to us before now that we needed to officially write out our guide, but I’d like to think that we’ve used the last 7 years to real perfect our suggestions!

The point of this guide is to direct clients (and photographers!) toward the best stores for outfitting a boudoir session. Searching for lingerie, for heels, for garter belts, and for ANYTHING that you’re wearing in your boudoir session can be quite daunting and overwhelming. Go ahead, Google ‘lace corset’, you’ll find thousands of results. We’ve narrowed down the best places to shop so that you don’t have to scroll through the maze of the internet. Boudoir sessions can already be a little intimidating and cause a case of nerves, we don’t want you to get more nervous or intimidated because of the shopping element.

So, without further ado, our Lingerie Shopping Guide is here! Click on the link below to download the guide!

Happy shopping!,

Sarah and the OWN team

Lingerie Guide

*Are you a photographer that would like to have this guide for yourself? Send me an email for an un-branded version!

(This lace dress is from Amazon, and is an extremely popular option for our clients! It is marketed as a maternity dress for photoshoots, but works for everyone)  Find it here.

(This lace dress is from Amazon, and is an extremely popular option for our clients! It is marketed as a maternity dress for photoshoots, but works for everyone) Find it here.

This is one of my FAVORITE bodysuits. It is by the brand Maison Close. It can be found online or at Anna Bella Lingerie (Atlanta) and Trashy Diva Lingerie (Atlanta and New Orleans)

This is one of my FAVORITE bodysuits. It is by the brand Maison Close. It can be found online or at Anna Bella Lingerie (Atlanta) and Trashy Diva Lingerie (Atlanta and New Orleans)

How far out should you book your boudoir session? | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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***availability update for 2019:

3 spots left for April 2019

6 spots left for May and September 2019

4 spots left for June 2019- (June is ideal for early September deadlines)

"When should I book my boudoir session?"

Outside of the rest of the questions that you have about booking a boudoir session, the question of "WHEN?" should absolutely be at the top of your list. Picking a date and time is definitely step one because we're going to need to figure out when you should show up (duh!). It'll also give you a good idea of how long you have to freak-out before stepping foot into the studio ;) 

Unfortunately, all too often we have to turn clients away because we are fully booked. I absolutely love when clients are so eager to have us photograph their session, but I hate having to disappoint when we can't accommodate a deadline. 

The answer to the big question?

You should book your boudoir session at LEAST 2-4 months in advance, especially for holiday deadlines (our busiest time of the year!). Booking your boudoir session in advance gives us ample time to plan out the personal aspect of your session. Poses, wardrobe, music choices, etc. are all planned separately in the months leading up to your session. 

Hoping for a miracle that we'll be able to squeeze you in? Please always ask, but just between you and me these aren't the kind of squeezes you'd typically enjoy. 

Ready to make your first step?

Contact us today! 

We can't wait to meet you!!!




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Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 4.45.17 PM.png

You'll never stay dry with this boudoir set ... | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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(The title of this blog post had me trying to figure out how to write an introduction that included both the words ‘boudoir’ and ‘wet’, but I couldn’t figure it out without wanting to make a dirty joke… so this is what you get)

Shower sessions have become one of our most popular requests. I mean, think about it:

You’re (hopefully) used to taking a shower, and so it isn’t as foreign to you as putting on a strap-heavy set of underpants

It requires very little posing instruction (due to the familiarity of knowing how to take a shower)

Hot and steamy skin looks sexyyyyyyy

These images are completely unexpected when one thinks about ‘lingerie photos’ (aka boudoir photographs).

For 2019 we’ve taken our shower set-up up a notch and we’ve made it an entirely separate add-on for your sessions. This way we can specifically create a shower backdrop just for you and based on the inspiration images that we discuss before your shoot. Believe it or not, most of the shower images don’t feature a real shower :) but you’ll have to come in studio to figure out our secrets.

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atlanta boudoir photographer, atlanta boudoir session, boudoir

You deserve to feel amazing in your OWN skin,

Check out our Valentine's Day themed sessions (exclusive to past clients only!) | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Yesterday was either a day of love, a day of annoyance, or just another Thursday. Valentine’s day pulls in mixed reviews from everyone, but over here at OWN Boudoir we celebrate it in the best way we know how: boudoir photos!

Once you book with OWN boudoir and have your first session you become a part of an exclusive community. As a past client you not only get the transformative feeling that comes with seeing your OWN beauty captured on camera, but you get exclusive access to past-client events and special themed sessions (woo hoo!!!!).

Valentine’s day happened to be one of those instances where we offered special themed sessions just for past clients. We were able to get creative (I mean, just CHECK out these images) and have a blast creating a Valentine’s boudoir activity that was really just for our clients (even if they DID end up wanting to give the images as a gift).

Interested in booking your own boudoir session (and joining the club)? Click here!

Top 5 ways to prepare for your boudoir session! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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You’ve booked your boudoir session, but how do you prepare for the big day? Here are our top 5 tips for preparing for your boudoir session!

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  1. Start stretching

    In our client guide we joke around that a boudoir session with us is more like a pilates session than a sexy photoshoot. Sure, you’re in lingerie (or not!) and the resulting images are absolutely stunning, but getting stunning images requires a lot more physical strain than you’d think. While many of our clients book with the intention of using boudoir as work-out motivation, I’ll tell you that working out is way less important than stretching. Get your body used to twisting and arching and bending by stretching a few times a week. It’ll help you immensely during (and after!) the session, plus it’s healthy for you!

  2. Gather inspiration images

    While we don’t copy other photographer’s work, or even copy exact poses I’ve done with other clients, we love to see images that you’re inspired by. Sending in inspiration images helps us to plan out your session, suggest different outfits, understand your goals, and set expectations (we don’t have a claw-foot tub overlooking the Swiss alps here in the studio, so we’d have to reset your expectations if you sent us a shot like that). Sending in inspiration photos is especially helpful if you really have NO idea what you like. Browsing images will help you to figure out what styles, poses, outfits, etc that you are most drawn to and will give us a great jumping off point for your session.

  3. Respond to our emails

    That may seem sarcastic to you, but seriously, we’re just trying to help you out! We send questionnaires (two, to be exact), and planning questions to our clients throughout our planning process. These are designed to make sure that there are no unknowns when you walk into our studio. We will know your favorite music (and have it playing), whether or not you want to go nude, when your deadlines are, your favorite side of your face, etc. Our questions also help your to think of more questions to as us (which is especially great if you have no idea where to begin). So, please.. let us help you!

  4. Try on your lingerie/outfits

    This should seem like a given, but so many clients come into the studio and haven’t tried on the items that they want to wear for the shoot. At that point, if something doesn’t fit correctly or has a hole in it then there is no time to order or shop for a new one. I’ve heard “oh man, I don’t like this as much as I thought I would” about a million times. While we have items in our boudoir closet that we often supplement into client’s wardrobe selections, we definitely don’t want that to be your only option (especially if you ordered something you were really excited about). Trying on your wardrobe beforehand gives you (and us) an opportunity to intercept any wardrobe issues, PLUS it gets your more comfortable with wearing it, which in turn helps when you’re wearing it on camera.

  5. Speak up

    Have a question about privacy? Wondering if we can cover up the tattoo you got at age 18? Going through a rough patch in your relationship? Wondering if we can accommodate symptoms of your auto-immune disease? Don’t be afraid to speak up and let us know, even if it’s just to ask us not to ask you about something (read that sentence 4 times to understand it, haha!). But really, let us know what is going on with you or if you’ve got a question or an idea that may seem ‘weird’ to you. I promise that after 10 years and over 3000 clients, we’ve likely encountered almost anything you could approach us with AND handled it for the best.

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Can’t wait to meet you, and remember, we’re here to help the whole way through!

Sunday boudoir smiles in one of our favorite lingerie brands! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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It’s a warm, winter Sunday here in Atlanta. This of course calls for smiles!

BlueBella lingerie is one of our favorite brands to photograph. Their lingerie is unique, it is carried in a wide range of sizes, and it always photographs so well. I love recommending this brand to our boudoir clients because they’ve USUALLY never heard of BlueBella before (except that I keep blabbing about them, so that might no longer be true).

Check them out at

digitals (45 of 70).jpeg

Ready to book YOUR boudoir session? We’ll guide you with your wardrobe and make sure you smile, too.

Book your session or get more information right here.

How did I get this shot? | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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Hey guys!!! I wanted to invite you in to a sort of 'behind the scenes' of a boudoir shoot type of image. This perspective doesn't appear much on my Instagram profile (or the galleries on this website), but believe it may be helpful for you to see just how a certain image is set up and accomplished! 

When you peruse through my galleries, the instagram account, or our Pinterest it can be a little mind-bending to figure out just HOW a certain image was captured, especially if you're considering a boudoir session of your own. I can guarantee you that there are so many tiny little details in the creation of an image that you'd otherwise think to yourself "How does that just happen NATURALLY?". 

The truth of the matter is that it doesn't happen "naturally". Not at all. In fact, one of the first things I bark (loudly) in my client's ears when they walk through the doors is "YO, the weirder it feels the better it looks!". Posing, angles, lighting, wardrobe, and hair/makeup (and a smidge of my talent) all combine to create an extraordinary image of the person you are. 

Take a look at this boudoir photo (also it's a great photo of my beautiful office assistant, Frances!!)

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I LOVE this boudoir image! I love this client, the light, the pose, the makeup, and my slight talent in being able to see it and snap it. 

Here is the behind the scenes set up of how this image was created. Pose, light, settings, beauty, etc will be covered. There will be some language for photographers, and so if you don't care about that then go ahead and skip it... I'm not here to waste your time. 

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Yes!!! Isn't it fun to see what was going on in the background?

The final image was taken from behind the sofa, so that I could capture her face perfectly, which was my ultimate goal.

For posing:

  • In order to make sure the curve of her back was defined in the final image I needed to make sure that the right side of her hip and butt were a little "higher" than the left. This would create a 'dip' in the lower back (which is traced clearly by the window-pane shadow on her back in the final image) and make sure that her curves were defined. I did this by making sure that her right knee was backed away from the couch a BIT more than her left. My advice to photographers: watch your light and shadows when moving legs/knees... the slightest movement can make the biggest difference. 
  • In the 'behind the scenes' image her left arm is a BIT too forward. If I'd kept it this way then the final image would have her a little too flat on the couch. It would flatter her breasts, pancake out her upper arms, and flatten her curved back that we JUST GOT PERFECT!!!! So when I moved to take the final image I had her move her left elbow backward a bit and in to her side just a bit. This movement helped to engage the shoulders and tense up the arm muscles. Both of those little changes allow the arm to remain slender and also engage the back/core a bit more. This is where we start singing "...the knee bone's connected to the hip bone, the hip bone's connected to the back bone" and so on and so forth. If you have no idea what I am talking about then I will link it at the bottom of this post. 
  • Since I knew this was ultimately going to be a photograph of her face I spent a LOT of time making sure the face was posed in the best way. If you take a look at her final image you can see that her chin is down. While I know it turned out beautifully, if you aren't careful about a client's chin then it can cease to become a chin. We don't want 15 chins, people!!!! By building off of the previous posing tweaks I was able to have her put her chin down without any destruction of the shape of her face. Having her body slightly perched up by her left arm (remember, we moved that back a bit to sit her up!) allowed her necking chin to elongate a bit and have room to move. I had her turn her chin to the left where it met her left shoulder so that the light would hit her evenly. I had her turn her eyes down (my words are: "Look cross-eyed at your nose!") so that it didn't look as if she were staring into dead space. 
  • Then I snapped the image. 

Whew!!!! I feel exhausted just going over those details right now, but during your shoot my brain can process those details in about 50 seconds. The process of creating original images for each client is such a joy for me explore. 

Now for the photographer details:

  • Camera: Canon 5DM3
  • Lens: EF 24-70mm f/2.8L (second version)
  • Focal length: 53mm
  • Captured: 1/250 @f/2.8 ISO 125
  • Lighting: Canon 600EX-II Rt @ 1/64th power on manual **This was done so that I was still able to balance the BRIGHT light coming in from the window directly beside the client. 10:30am summer sun can really be a bitch. Without light on her face I would have to over-expose/blow out the light shining on her back in order to make sure her face showed up (since it was in the shadow). By adding a bit of fill-light from the flash I was able to see her face as well as capture the curvature of her body. To be honest I do not always use off-camera-flash (OCF), and really only use lights when the image I'm trying to create cannot be accomplished without them.
  • Accessories: Flash mounted to Manfroto stand with a generic white umbrella. 
  • Angle: 3ft away from client, positioned directly in front of the client, flash 1ft above her head, pointed at eyes.


Well there you go! I hope that helps you out to see all that goes in to an image. Let's rinse and repeat that 1,395 more times during your boudoir session. ;) 

Ready to book your OWN boudoir session? Click here!


Here's that "knee bone" song, for all of you still paying attention:

Save the date!!! | Atlanta boudoir photography

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Save the date for our Atlanta Boudoir open house on July 15th!!!


Are you a potential client that has been thinking about this for a while?

  • This is a perfect opportunity to come and see images from past clients and even SPEAK to those clients. Hear their experiences. They will hopefully tell you great things, but they will also tell you details about what might not have been as great. The point is that you will get an entirely honest and informative view of OWN boudoir. 


Are you a past client that is basically a professional model now that you've have your shoot?

  • Come back and say "hey" and let's hang out! Bring your friends because we will have some specials going on AND we have cool things for you, too. 


Come meet me (Sarah), and some of the OWN Boudoir team. We will drink champagne, show off boudoir photos, meet our photographers, tour the studio, pick up a few hair and makeup tips, book your own boudoir session, win boudoir prizes, and generally have an amazing time with us! That's a long list of fun but if you want to add to it let me know!

We'll provide the champagne and snacks (get excited about the amount of cheese and cupcakes that will be there), you show up and mooch off of us for a couple of hours! We'll have boudoir door-prizes, contests to win, gift bags, BUT MOST OF ALL YOU GET TO MEET SOME OF THE OWN TEAM. It's a big deal.

When you're walking in to the studio and you're T-1hr from stripping down into lingerie that you have just bought 4 days ago it can be SLIGHTLY nerve-racking. 


Come say hello.

Let me feed you snacks and give you gifts. It'll be fun and a great way to top off your weekend! 

Here's a sneak peek of the shenanigans we'll have. Remember typing 'BOOBS' into your calculators in school using '80085'? So do we :) 

Here's a sneak peek of the shenanigans we'll have. Remember typing 'BOOBS' into your calculators in school using '80085'? So do we :) 

We hope to see you guys there!!! RSVP (and get exclusive tickets) HERE

"I'm going to be the one woman that you can't photograph." | Boudoir confessions

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When you're feeling like a boudoir session will never be for you because you aren't that 'kind of woman'. You're so wrong. Boudoir can be for every woman. 

Read More

Spotlight on BlueBella | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Wondering about an alternative lingerie brand for your boudoir session? We've got suggestions! 

Let's introduce you to Bluebella lingerie! Lately we've had a plethora of clients bring in pieces from this brand for their session. Bluebella has soft fabrics, unique designs, and is prices at a mid-point for luxury lingerie. You can find bodysuits (like the piece shown below) for $60-80, and their have gorgeous bra sets too!!  

Locally (if you're shopping for your boudoir session here in Atlanta) you can find Bluebella at Trashy Diva Lingerie and Annabella Fine Lingerie. We lovveeeeeeeeeeeee the brand and it's a welcome breath of fresh air from Victoria's secret!

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Client Interview

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When your husband wants to show your boudoir photos off to every house guest then you KNOW your session was a hit. 

Meeting and photographing this lovely woman was such a wonderful whirlwind! When she called me a couple of months ago we spoke and booked her session in a matter of hours. A couple of weeks later we had her boudoir session AND her prints completed. She's a woman that knows what she wants and is one of the most decisive people that I've ever met! Because of that, I am so honored that she chose me as her boudoir photographer. We spent her shoot talking with wine and snacks, and even made the wine a prop (as you can see)! We spent her viewing session in silent shock as we went through each individual image. I'm so glad that her decision to give her husband boudoir images turned into a decision to do something for HER, too!


Read on, and enjoy (maybe with a glass of wine),



1) How old are you... or if you prefer, who were you listening to at age 14 :)?



2) What do you do for a living?

Sales manager

atlanta boudoir photographer, sporty boudoir, boudoir pose ideas, best boudoir photographer, best atlanta boudoir photographer (1 of 5).jpg



3) What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session?

It's something that I've wanted to do for a few years and you / your website seemed more legitimate (and not cheesy) in comparison to a few others.  



4) Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir?

Shockingly, not really. 
atlanta boudoir photographer, sporty boudoir, boudoir pose ideas, best boudoir photographer, best atlanta boudoir photographer (5 of 5).jpg



5) Why did you choose OWN? 

Your website and the photos were both professional, tasteful and sexy as opposed to cheesy, cheap, and 'trying to hard'.


6) How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)?

I didn't realize you'd give me feedback on my outfit choices, which I appreciated since I had ZERO idea what would look good vs photograph well. I LOVED the fact that we had some wine and snacks just to chill me out. Despite knowing I'd taking these photos, its helpful to have liquid courage.  
atlanta boudoir photographer, sporty boudoir, boudoir pose ideas, best boudoir photographer, best atlanta boudoir photographer (3 of 5).jpg



7) What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (priming, the shoot, seeing images, giving the images..etc)

Hating the priming lol The most memorable was seeing the images and thinking WOW that's me?!. I also of course really LOVED giving the photos to my husband since he was taken a back and genuinely surprised (it's difficult to keep secrets from him). I also really loved taking the photos. I don't take professional photos often so that in it of itself was a special treat. But in order, Seeing the photos for the first time, then giving the photos to the hubs, and then taking the photos.



8) How has the response been to your images?

WoW! Matt tries to show everyone that comes to our house at least 1-2 of the photos.

atlanta boudoir photographer, sporty boudoir, boudoir pose ideas, best boudoir photographer, best atlanta boudoir photographer (4 of 5).jpg


9) What is your advice for women interested in such a session?

Do it sooner than later. Your body is beautiful so show it off!



10) Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of this session?

I feel more confidant.

atlanta boudoir photographer, sporty boudoir, boudoir pose ideas, best boudoir photographer, best atlanta boudoir photographer (2 of 5).jpg

A major announcement RIGHT NOW! | Atlanta Boudoir photographer

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We are excited to announce an alternative option for OWN boudoir clients! Starting in April, in addition to being able to book your boudoir session with OWN’s owner and lead photographer, Sarah, clients will now have the option of booking with OWN’s new associate photographer Emma. 

Emma has been working as a photographer in Athens for a few years and has had her OWN boudoir session with Sarah! We’ve recently brought her on as an associate photographer in order to provide an alternative budget option for clients that prefer OWN's unique style and wouldn't want to go anywhere else!

Having been photographed by OWN and Sarah before, Emma brings a unique knowledge and experience to our team. Clients that book with Emma will have a photographer that knows first-hand how to make sure you see your own beauty! She’s encouraging, incredibly easy going, and extremely particular with posing (a major detail!).

Our associate photographer sessions are $550 and include a one-hour session in studio, two wardrobe looks, and 10 high-resolution digital images with print release.

A deposit of $225 due at the time of booking to hold your date and the remaining $225 is due on the day of your session!

All boudoir sessions will take place in our beautiful Atlanta studio where we have hardwood floors, brick walls, and a ton of natural light! 

To inquire about booking with our associate photographer, Emma, please click here


Image taken by Emma, associate photographer at OWN boudoir

Image taken by Emma, associate photographer at OWN boudoir

Tell me what you think? | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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Looking for a few recommendations on where to go in preparation for your boudoir session? We've got them right here! 


Your boudoir session doesn't start when you walk through our studio doors, your boudoir session starts the moment you get in touch with us. We get all of the scheduling out of the way (that's a huge part of it... I mean, we have to set a date for this party!) and then we start the fun stuff. Fun stuff means fun mail, fun e-mails, fun shopping, fun Pinterest-ing, fun packing, and whatever else brings you joy in preparation for this super-fun time. I of course had to throw "fun" back in there one more time. 

Clients ask us all of the time where to go to prepare for specific parts of their boudoir sessions. We're here to help, and while we've got a specific list that we send out to our clients, I thought I'd make it known to everyone...regardless of whether or not your prepping to have some super-hot (and fun, did I say that?) photos made of you.

However, before I do that... we want to here from YOU! I want to know what your favorite places to shop for lingerie are. Tell me where you get your nails done! Where do you get spray tanned? Who cares for your skin? Do you have a favorite workout? What's your favorite luggage bag that can house a billion bras?

I'm compiling a list of "fan favorites" and can't wait to share! 

In love and tasteful nudes, 


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Here's a unique wardrobe idea! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Looking for a unique wardrobe idea for your boudoir session that doesn't necessarily involve whips and chains or a bendy-ness of a Yogi to get into? Look no further than leg warmers! 


I absolutely LOVED the leg-warmer look that a client brought in last week! It's also been especially cold here in Atlanta lately, so the leg-warmers were almost a necessity. Someone move me to Miami, stat.

Leg warmers are easy to get in to (a huge plus) and really change the direction of an outfit! Here we paired leg warmers with a black lace bralette set! By itself this set could be paired with heels or thigh-highs to create a more "late night" sexy vibe. With the leg warmers added we were able to create a more "saturday morning sexy" vibe. Let's all clap for variety!!! 

Here are a few of my favorite images from this boudoir set. Take note that this look can also be achieved by using thigh-high socks! 

So you are wanting to shoot on a Friday? Pay attention to this post! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Wanting to schedule a long weekend for your boudoir session? If you're looking for a Friday, pay attention to this! 


To be honest, I think EVERYONE should take a long weekend for your boudoir session. I mean, you're working with some pretty awesome hair and makeup, which can be preserved if you're talented enough to sleep on your back and still as a rock (or if you don't have super oily and stringy hair like mine). Your boudoir session builds you up, you're rocking the beauty that was always there... of COURSE you need a solid three days to work the resulting confidence. 

However, if you're wanting to have your boudoir session on a Friday, we have very limited availability. It's not exactly bad news, because I am warning you! This is wonderful news because now you have a chance at a Friday at your fingertips. 

So, what does limited availability mean? It means we have LESS than 15 Fridays available for the rest of the year. That means for 2018, late June is the earliest available and there isn't a whole lot after that (unless someone invents a second Friday or a miracle happens).

Want to book your Friday session? Get in touch with us, now! We'll select your date, accept your deposit, and start planning your boudoir session! 


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Do I need to bring my own lingerie? A FAQ post | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Outside of "will you tell me what to do with my face?" likely our second most-asked question is "Do I need to bring in my own lingerie?".

This question probably gets asked by 90% of my clients. Think about it: lingerie shopping isn't nearly as habitual as your weekly trip to Target (that always ends in buying an entirely new wardrobe). Lingerie is an afterthought for us, and I'll bet some of you still have underwear from 2012. (guilty). The thing is, lingerie is often an afterthought. If it is an afterthought then OF COURSE you probably don't have any. Then, you book your boudoir session and suddenly the panic sets in. 

"Oh lawd, I don't have any lingerie aside from an old Victoria's secret robe that I bought in college for that boyfriend that definitely didn't deserve me"

Well, you're in luck because we are here to help.

The answer to the "do I need to bring in my own items" is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

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Bringing your own lingerie is crucial if you have specific pieces and styles that you are really wanting to be photographed in because I may not be able to match them with the items I have in my boudoir closet. 

In my boudoir closet (in-studio! These are not my personal lingerie pieces :) ) I do have corsets, button-up shirts, fur shawls, lace and satin robes, some one-pieces, garter belts, and replacement panty hose/thigh highs, and high-heels. We are constantly updating the closet, and often clients will leave their lingerie with us as a donation. Woo hoo!!! Fret not, though, it's all cleaned.

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For the most part if you ARE looking for a specific lingerie look you will need to bring in those pieces, but if you are interested in just ‘showing up’ and living on the other side of my lens I can absolutely help you out in the wardrobe may even find an item that you would have never tried before (like a garter belt!), but that ends up being your favorite!

Once your session is booked we have a completely open dialogue about your wardrobe. As we are planning, ask me what styles/sizes/etc we have have and if it would be available to you! Trust me when I say it will help you to not have to run around like a chicken with your head cut off trying to find a sheer fabric panel or 34 strands of pearls or body paint or black pumps or a lace robe or the perfect white button up or ______ or _____ or _____. You name it. 

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If you’d like to bring your own lingerie but have NO idea where to search for items that you need then check out this blog post on where to shop for your boudoir session! We can easily make a phone call for you and set up an appointment at one of our favorite stores :) You may even get a little discount incentive from them for being a referral! 


Still have questions about wardrobe and how our boudoir closet works? Get in touch here

Curious about pricing and what we offer? Part 2 is here! | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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(This is a followup from yesterday's post, check it out if you haven't already)

Knowing that the holiday season is basically here (in Atlanta we've had an influx of 30degree days), I wanted to go in-depth with explaining the different types of boudoir sessions that we offer. Outside of the holidays, though, this is just damn-good information to have! Read through it all and you'll have successfully made me feel better about having taken 45min to write all of this down.

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For those clients that are interested in having a more involved boudoir experience (and having everything taken care of all at one time) we offer our Premium session. This session type is our most popular as it helps take care of nearly everything you could want in a boudoir session.

The Premium boudoir session includes all that the Base session offers with a mountain of added bonuses.

When you book a premium boudoir session with us you’ll have five outfit changes (perfect for all of those different looks that you want to try out), an additional $100 in credit from the base session (giving you $200 to use toward any add-ons and products!), full professional hair and makeup done in-studio, AND a personal wardrobe consultation (woo hoo!!!!). Currently our Premium boudoir session usually lasts around 3.5-4 hours and is $700 (with a $200 credit toward products). 


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Let's talk more about that wardrobe consult. With the Premium session our wardrobe consultation starts immediately after we sign and seal your booking. Kelsey, our client manager extraordinaire, will set up a call (or your preferred method of communication, we are huge texters over here) with you to talk over your initial needs and wants. Don’t have any CLUE what you need or want? No prob, Bob. Her job is to figure that out with you! From then on Kelsey is available almost any time you need her. She’ll find certain styles for you, offer feedback when you’re out shopping, help you narrow down between which of your 15 black bras looks the best, etc. The wardrobe consultation is like having a personal stylist on retainer. 

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Outside of the big “what do I even wear for this” question, the next biggest question we get is about hair and makeup. I believe our clients usually ask something along the lines of "can you do something with....this?" (cue a casual wave of the hand in front of the face).

With the premium session hair and makeup is included, though hair and makeup can also be booked separately for those clients interested in the Base session! Our hair and makeup artists are extremely talented and beyond meticulous...which is fantastic for when I'm zoomed in on those eyelashes and brows.

There are about 6 artists that we have in rotation for our boudoir clients, all of which have been working with me for quite some time. They know exactly how I photograph my clients and aren't too prideful that I'm not comfortable saying whether or not I like something. We work together to make sure that your face and hair are recognizable to you (unless you want to look unrecognizable) and that it'll photograph beautifully. The whole hair and makeup process usually takes around 1.5-2hrs and is insanely involved. These pictures will be saved forever… so we try to make sure everything is perfect. We aren’t afraid to wipe it all off and start over if you completely hate you look (although that has never happened before).

Before your session, during one of your many wardrobe conversations, you and Kelsey will have talked through the “look” that you’re going for. We send those pictures (along with a picture of your face) to our makeup artist so that she is fully prepared the day of your session, and so that she can let us know of any issues or red flags she sees for what you have chosen! 

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And there ya have it, folks ;) That may have been WAYYYYYY too much information, but if you made it all of the way through you'll be more prepared and basically a professional at this whole 'boudoir ' thing. 

....stay tuned for the next part!

Here are the different types of boudoir sessions we offer (Part 1) | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Now that Halloween has come and gone it is basically December and basically Holiday season, right? Seriously though, I saw a Target commercial yesterday... on November 1st... for Christmas. It's only 1-ish month until we start the traditional gift-giving ritual of gathering together to over-indulge on pie whilst drowning in an ocean of wrapping paper. I can't wait! 

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Every year we get the privilege of booking up our holiday season with clients that cannot wait to give the gift of their boudoir photos. Of course we also have plenty of clients that are GIFTED a boudoir session by someone that loves them (or is just the best gift-giver ever). I wanted to show off the different boudoir session types that we offer so that when booking for the holidays (or for any time!) you can know exactly what your boudoir session will include, as well as determine which session is right for you!

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There are three main types of shoots that are available to book with OWN boudoir. When an inquiry for pricing and information comes in, it can be hard to discern which shoot is right for you and will serve your boudoir needs best… and yes I say NEEDS bc I’m a big fan of NEEDing to have a personal experience like this! You can be here in Atlanta or you can be in a completely different area (that photo above is from the Hotel Monaco in Chicago!).


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The first thing you should know about booking a boudoir session with OWN boudoir is that all of our shoots (with the exception of one), and all products are priced a la carte. This means that when you book your boudoir session with me, you will book the session separately from any albums, prints, or digital images that you’ll get after your session! 

I’ve chosen to operate with a la carte pricing because it allows you to have more flexibility over how you choose to display your boudoir images. Rather than forcing you into a package that includes a product you might not be crazy about, you have the choice over which products you take home with you! A la carte pricing is also great because you are also not required to make a purchase at all! What if (heaven forbid) you don’t like your images? First off, we would do your session again because that means I didn’t do my job correctly. Secondly, I don’t want you stuck with an album of images that you don’t love. 

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Our first session that we offer - and what I'll be going over in detail today - is the Base session. I know, I know.... the name is boring, but let's just say I've saved my creativity for when I photograph you.

This session serves as the foundation for the other boudoir shoots that we offer. A base boudoir session with us gives you the most flexibility with add-ons and a la carte products. Currently, our Base session includes your boudoir session in-studio, three outfit changes, a $100 credit toward your a la carte products, and an in-person viewing appointment. Your viewing appointment happens about a week after your session and you'll see all of your final images fully edited and ready for selection. 

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A Base session does not include hair and makeup, but as I mentioned above, it gives you the most flexibility toward customizing your session! With the base session you have the option of adding on additional outfit changes, hair and makeup (or one or the other!), and your product preference. 

We get a lot of questions about how long our sessions are. While I do not give my sessions a time limit, a base boudoir session with me will typically last around one and a half hours. When you arrive in-studio, I’ll have your favorite music playing –loudly–, a selection of your preferred snacks and beverages (let's pop that champagne or inhale some gummy bears), and we’ll get right to work! We will have completely planned out your session before you arrive (more on this later!) so that we can start almost as soon as you enter the studio door (and after a glass of champagne).

The current pricing for your Base boudoir session with OWN boudoir is $400

( be continued... with more boudoir packages to come!)