New lingerie brand alert!! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Hey hey hey, happy Monday and stuff like that. It sounds a bit cynical to say "and stuff like that", but really... I did have a GREAT weekend. This was a weekend off for me, and by 'off' I mean I didn't have any boudoir sessions. There was that ONE session on Saturday morning for a past boudoir client; opening her interior decorating business is on her immediate horizon (and I got to shoot her skills!). For the rest of the weekend I was able to take a much needed brain-break from business and from whateverishappening in our world. Resetting is healthy and I am well aware of the privilege I have to be able to do so. 

That being said, even my resting brain cannot get away from business (does that meant that I LIKE my business? hahaha, duh) and I wanted to let you guys know about an amazing lingerie brand that a recent client introduced me to! 

The brand is called: Altur and you can find them at:

Taking a quick peek around their site I see that you can find lingerie sets at around $39 each. By set I mean BRA and UNDIES. Two thangs, ya'll. 

I've seen a bodysuit in person (picture below) and haven't yet seen the bra sets, but they are beautiful and it is worth a shot to try them out!!! Let me know what you think!

In love and lace and mental health days,