My favorite lingerie stores in Atlanta!

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Shopping for lingerie can be insanely intimidating, plus where on earth does one shop if they're looking for unique pieces that won't make you look back and say "oh yeah! 2017! The year of the strappy bralettes". 

Here in Atlanta (though they also have online stores) I wanted to remind you that there are two amazing brick-and-mortar stores.

Read: you can try lingerie ON and get hands-on advice for what looks best on you.


Anna Bella Fine Lingerie in Alpharetta is a beautiful boutique with an amazing owner, Pam, to assist you in your lingerie needs. For our boudoir clients they never steer wrong, and there are options for every style, size, and budget. 

Trashy Diva Intimates is located in the Poncey-Highlands area of Atlanta and is fresh in town from New Orleans! Their boutique is stunning and includes a dress-shop as well! Style, size, and budget are no issue here... plus they have a wide variety of burlesque accessories for all of you looking to branch out in your talents. 

As always, tell them we sent you, say yes to something out of your comfort zone, and enjoy the experience. 

In love and lingerie,


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