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After a beautiful (and sweatyyyyyyyy) weekend in New York I have made it back to Atlanta! I'll still make it back to the concrete jungle a few more times this year, and so if you missed me last weekend you still have a chance this year to catch me like a Pokemon :)

Today I'm continuing the current series on '5 common misconceptions about your boudoir session'. We all believe certain lies about how a boudoir session might operate, and we believe even worse lies about how we ourselves might operate. I'm here to debunk those myths and make sure you know that you really WON'T suddenly grow facial warts and make constipated expressions. 

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Now, on to the meat of this post. 

As you can certainly tell from the images on my website, my boudoir studio here in Atlanta has a TON of windows. I use the windows as background props and they also provide the kind of light that we photographers drool over. Since the purpose of windows is to be able to see through literal walls... this could cause some concern for those of you coming in to be photographed in your skivvies. You have no idea who can see IN the windows. Can they see you bending and snapping all in front of my camera? Is my studio street-level and prone to nosy sidewalk patrons? Will other people be IN my studio while you're having your personal photoshoot?

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Here is the misconception: People are going to be watching me!. 

1. No they won’t. No no no no no. It can be hard to imagine a boudoir studio, and there are a lot of ideas that can come to mind about how it looks and who will be there. Know that my boudoir studio is a private studio, located on the 4th floor of a loft building in Midtown Atlanta. We have no ‘window neighbors’ and no one comes in during your boudoir session. Should you choose to have hair and makeup done as a part of our ‘Full Session’ package, the hair/makeup artist will be in the studio with us for a few images to be certain that you photograph as beautiful as you are. After she leaves then it will just be you and I hanging out and getting it done! :) 

2. In the occasion that you, the client, would like to bring a friend, you can then expect for there to be three of us in the studio :) (I’m not only great at boudoir photography, I am also great at math). However, I do have rules for bringing friends into the studio. If you’re considering it then you should let me in on your consideration before your session arrives so that we can talk about whether or not it is a good idea. 


So... woo hoo!!!! You won't be on display for everyone in Midtown!!!

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*Side note: I'll also add that outside of no one seeing you in-person during your photoshoot, you can also make sure that no one will see you on my website/blog/instagram/studio samples. Should you want to make sure that your images will not see the light of day (unless you show them off) simply request a 'Non-sharing' contract at the time of booking :) I'm not in the business of your boss bringing you in for a sit-down (that would be a terrible kind of 'booty call'!).

Stay tuned for Part 4, coming up next week!!!!


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