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When you're preparing for your boudoir session it can be quite overwhelming to try and find the perfect pieces that will make the perfect photograph. Insert the studio boudoir closet. 

Over time we've curated quite the collection of items for clients to choose from that we KNOW will photograph perfectly. Having this closet of wardrobe unmentionables saves you a little bit of time and stress during boudoir planning, and don't we alllllll want to be saved from those things? We've got shoes, corsets, handcuffs, button-down shirts, tank tops, etc. Occasionally we'll switch things over, especially as styles change. No one needs to bring in that hot-pink rhinestone bra from Victoria's Secret circa 2002. 

A brand new veil just arrived in our Atlanta studio via Amazon (holla at me, Amazon, if you want to sponsor us)! For a solid $24 we've got the most beautiful veil, accessible to any boudoir client that wants to use it. This is perfect for brides that don't want to (or can't) break out their own veil for their boudoir session. Plus it's just fun to play dress-up with! 

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Check out our new studio piece... | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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I've wanted a new piece of furniture for our boudoir studio for a while. However, I knew that any new piece I added would need to have a function to it. Storage is all that I could come up with, until I saw a neighborhood posting. 


While growing up my parents made my brothers and I (there are three of us all together) take piano lessons. I say "made" because we would kick and scream in order to avoid practicing, and my parents would watch us (or close the door) until we stopped and reluctantly touched the keys again. 

Fast forward to many years later (mannnyyyyyyyy years), I have a new appreciation for piano and I actually miss playing. I miss playing so much that I knew immediately that my new piece of "furniture" would actually need to be a piano. A piano neeeeeeeded to be in my life. I could not only revisit a semi-beloved creative outlet, I could have a killer prop for the boudoir studio. Plus, I'm of course going to teach my clients piano lessons during their boudoir sessions. Duh. 

Well, my dreams came true and my habit of perusing internet yard-sale sites paid off. 

I found a piano. 

The story of how I actually GOT this piano and was able to move it in to my studio (I think it weighs 700lbs) is something that you'll have to ask me at your boudoir session. 

For now, it's working as a great addition to our studio and my musical brain. 

La la la la la, 



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Cooking up something new for 2018 | Atlanta boudoir Photographer

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Stay tuned for what's new with OWN boudoir in 2018

Well to be perfectly honest, we stayed up pretttttyyyyyy late last night ringing in 2018. It's almost 6pm and I think the advil is finally kicking in. I feel lucky to be where I am right now, but this headache needs to find a new place to be. 

A couple of days ago I had our last shoots of 2017 here in Boston! I'm in Boston for a few days while my boyfriend works on a conference. It's nice to be able to commute with him and step away from Atlanta for a few days! While he's been designing staging and sound set-ups I've been chilling (literally. it's like 7 degrees here) at various coffee shops and hotel lobbies thinking of new and wonderful ideas for OWN boudoir in 2018 and beyond. 

We have a newsletter, did you know? The first announcement of 2018 is coming soon, so if you're not on our email list then go ahead and let us know! We'll add you to it and then you'll be in the know! 

Happy new year, ya'll! I hope your advil kicked in earlier than mine



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Shine bright like a diamond... | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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One of the most fun (I resisted the urger to say "funnest") parts of planning your boudoir session is that we get to plan your wardrobe. 

My descriptive phrase for this portion of the planning process is: Adult Dress up

Of course, that phrase makes wardrobe planning sound a little more rated-R than it actually is, but hey.... sometimes we DO get a little R-rated for your boudoir session! 

About a month ago we had a lovely lady come in for her 6th (sixth!!!) session with us. The challenge presented to us for this particular session was to make sure that her wardrobe planning, or adult dress-up, let us choose a wardrobe that was completely different than anything she has done with us. 

Challenge accepted. 

Immediately I thought about a rhinestone body-suit. I had seen a few during my Pinterest and Instagram browsing hours, and there are a few boutiques here in Atlanta that carry them. After we mentioned this idea we all knew that this was definitely the route we wanted to go with her wardrobe. Of course, sometimes when you have a brilliant idea the universe throws a wrench and you realize you've got to works a little harder for that idea. 

With the rhinestone bodysuit we quickly discovered that they are a) Hard to find and b) extremely pricey due to them needing to be custom made. We didn't have that kind of time or budget, though, so an extreme brain-storming session needed to be had. 

Cue the brilliant brain of my client manager (and wardrobe planner), Kelsey. She suggested that we create our own illusion of a rhinestone bodysuit by buying individual sheets of rhinestones and manually sticking them to the skin of our client. Brilliant. 


....but brilliant. 

The results were that we had an insanely unique boudoir look that we had full control over. I loveeeeeeee it. AND I got to keep the additional rhinestone sheets for my own adult dress-up.


Stop, drop, and (rock and) roll! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Let's piggy-back on a post from this past weekend featuring a few boudoir props in order to introduce you to another unique item that was brought into the studio this weekend! 

Check out this gorgeous Gibson guitar that this client brought in as a prop! I immediately knew I wanted her to seriously rock it out. Thank goodness my camera isn't a video camera (I mean, it has that feature, but I don't shoot it!) because the amount of laughter and awkward head-banging that went into this shot is insane! I think we had to pause from laughing so hard... but you'd never know it. Boudoir sessions can be quite hilarious at points.


She looks damn hot, and what a natural. 

Happy Tuesday! 

Rock on, 

Sarah and team

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Way to "rock" your body | Client interview | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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This client interview invites you into the idea that your 'excuse' for having a boudoir session can lie within a few different reasons. You can do this for someone else, and you can also do this for YOU (and let someone else reap the benefits, or not, who cares). I love it when clients come in and are mutually excited about having a session done for themselves AND their significant other. I also get incredibly inspired when a client brings in a personal prop to use during the session.

Here you hear (don't you just love the english language?) this lovely lady talk about her reasons and joy over having her session as well as a few of the personal touches she put into it for her husband. That is one thing that I love the most about this boudoir session; the special treatment that she gave her husband's passion! You'll soon understand (by looking at the images) that I'm talking about his passion for Metallica. When we were talking through her props she got excited about bringing in his VERY first guitar and posing in a shirt from his all-time favorite band. Being in a new relationship myself, I have a similar excitement at the idea of throwing in some tie-dye shirts and PJ pants in order to incorporate Phish into my next boudoir session. **Side note, I'm headed to my first Phish concert this weekend!!! Wish me luck

Her excitement over HER reasons for the session meshed almost perfectly with her desire to really surprise him, and I love that! It made the boudoir session such a mutual experience for both of them... even though he didn't know it was happening until after! 

Read on and view on to hear about her experience! 

Rock on, babes,


Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 2.30.00 PM.png

1) How old are you... or if you prefer, who were you listening to at age 14 :)?


2) What do you do for a living?


3) What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session?

I just lost 30 lbs. and wanted to do something special to show off my new body BEFORE kids enter the picture, plus give my husband an amazing anniversary gift. But, it ended up being just as much a gift to myself. 

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4) Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir?

I hesitated at first because it's obviously a little nerve-racking dancing around in your underwear with a photographer, but Sarah put me at ease from the get-go. And the champagne didn't hurt either. haha I'm so glad I have this snapshot in time of my life: my young, sexy, pre-maternity self. It wasn't just worth it, it was priceless. 


5) Why did you choose OWN? 

Sarah's online portfolio drew me in. Her light and dark styling. Simple, yet stunning. Plus, her personality was a great fit for mine. 


6) How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)?

Sarah and the rest of her staff prepped me very well for the shoot, so I knew exactly what to expect the day of. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 2.30.51 PM.png


7) What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (priming, the shoot, seeing images, giving the images..etc)


All of it. The wardrobe consultant helping me pick out outfits beforehand, the hair and makeup artist making me look and feel incredible, and Sarah being the wizard behind the lens. Fantastic experience hands-down. 


8) How has the response been to your images?

Everyone LOVES the images. Each person I showed them to can't stop raving about them.


9) What is your advice for women interested in such a session?

Do it! Book immediately! It was one of the best experiences. You'll thank yourself later. 

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10) Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of this session?

I saw my inner beauty shine through. Sarah captured me perfectly. I didn't know I could look and feel like this. It was a huge confidence boost! 

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Let's talk | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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While this boudoir image was taken in New Orleans, I immediately ordered a corded phone for my studio here in Atlanta. There's something about a corded phone that adds a bit more sensuality to this photo than an iPhone would... though we've definitely used an iPhone before (see a few posts below!!).

Welcome to the boudoir session prop-drawer, Mr. Corded phone. I can't wait to  photograph you in some questionable situations ;) 


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Spray and Play | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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It's pretty often that one of the #1 questions we receive during the planning stages of your boudoir session is: "How do you feel about props?". Of course this can go a few different ways because, let's be honest, there are some pretty – cough– specific –cough– items that could be brought in. :) I can honestly say that I've seen a LOT. Personal props are an incredibly creative way to add a bit of your OWN personality to your boudoir session and will absolutely set your images apart. 

Last week we had this unique prop brought in to enhance the individuality of her images (and a bonus was that HOTDAMN the room smelled great afterward). 

Oh snap, if you know anyone at Dior tell them to call me :) 

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Getting the help you need | Guest post | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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***today's post is a guest post by our lovely client manager, Kelsey! While she lives in Charleston, she still does a mean job of perusing the internet and shopping for all of our clients! Since she is originally from Atlanta she also knows the city's best shops and restaurants for all of our ATL boudoir clients!

You did it, you booked your boudoir shoot!! Maybe it is your first shoot or your 100th (I haven't had anyone that's done 100 boudoir sessions, though some are well on their way!), either way once your boudoir shoot is booked and your questionnaire is answered, you will get a fun text from me, Kelsey- Sarah’s client manager extraordinaire. Once you book, you may be thinking "NOW WHAT!?!?", "How do I dress myself to ultimately be UNdressed?", "Will the makeup artist make me look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show?", "Where the heck to I park in Atlanta, or in ANY city for that matter?".

That is where I come onto the scene to set your nerves straight and help you snap out of it. Your first contact with me will be a “welcome text” (or phone call! It's your choice) in which we will begin getting to know each other so that I can better help you with the styling process.

To begin, it is always nice to see your inspiration. We'll go over any ideas, themes, motivations, or images you love and want to use as a focus/inspiration for your upcoming shoot. You can even send me ideas that you ABSOLUTELYDONOTWANTEVEREVEREVEREVER. This gives me a great idea of what you are looking for and will lead us in a great direction for choosing lingerie. 

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In addition to wardrobe, hair and makeup, I am avaliable to answer any questions you may have. Think of me as your own personal “ok google” or “Alexa”… “Alexa, where can I buy thigh highs?”, “Alexa, where is the best place to get a spray tan?”…etc. Basically ask away, I am here to help and if I am not sure what the answer is, I will do my best to find the answer or direct you to our incredible studio manager, Larissa, or photographer, the amazingly talented Sarah! 

While you are sending me gorgeous images that have inspired you, if you are comfortable, a picture of yourself is a great addition to images you can send me. You can send your Facebook profile picture, bathing suit shot, or your favorite picture of yourself. An image of yourself is important because it allows me to get an idea of your unique hair color, eye color, and body shape. Sending a headshot of you to our makeup/hair stylists also allows them to tailor any preparation advice that they might have for you. Your photo allows me to personalize your wardrobe by sharing what pieces will photograph best on your body type and which colors to use/avoid. I promise NO ONE, except myself, Sarah, and your stylist, will ever see these images! These images are used to help create your OWN personal shoot that is geared towards your OWN personal style. 

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Once I receive your images, I will help you decide on which pieces will look best on your body-type on camera. I will also send you a list of tips/tricks and shopping advice to help steer you in the right direction. Victoria’s Secret is great, but there are SO many other amazing lingerie stores out there just waiting to be discovered. Here in Atlanta we LOVE AnnaBella Fine Lingerie in Alpharetta. Pam (the owner) is fantastic at finding different styles for your body and budget. While you are shopping, totally send me images of the pieces you are thinking about and I can help you narrow it down. You can send me website links, pictures of your lingerie— no need to try it on, laying it out on the floor will work just fine— you can even send me images from the dressing room! I am here to help you look and feel your best. 

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While we're in the shopping-stage of planning, I will not only help you narrow down which pieces will look best on your personal body type, but I will also help you narrow down your choices so you’re not bringing your entire closet into the studio. I am also always willing to help you browse the internet to find the “perfect” piece. Is there a piece of lingerie you love or a specific look you want, but you can’t find it on the world wide web? I am here to be your own personal google and help you find just what you are looking for, or at least something similar! 


Once we have narrowed down your ideas, theme, and wardrobe, we will begin discussing hair and makeup ideas. Should you be having one of our hair and makeup artists doing your 'beauty' prep, we will discuss what “look” you would like. Do you want more pin-up? burlesque? natural? rhinestone eye shadow? big eyes? dark lips? The sky is the limit!!! This is another point where sending images comes into play. The more images you send, the better; please do not feel bad that you are overloading my phone, I love it, keep the images rolling in! These idea images are great to send to your stylist before your shoot so they have an idea of what you want and they can plan accordingly. 

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If you are doing your own hair and makeup outside of the studio, I will remind you to have hair and makeup completely done before your shoot. I will also send tips/tricks to make sure you are taken care of because the lights and camera are bright and we want the best you to shine through! 

This is a special time for you, this is a shoot designed and planned just for you and your OWN personal style. I am here to help you have a fun, lasting experience that will stay with you for a lifetime! Being nervous is totally normal, I mean it is not everyday you pose in front of a camera in lingerie. I am here to calm those nerves and help you see how incredibly powerful, beautiful, and amazing you truly are as a woman. No question is too “silly”, no prop is too “strange”, and nothing you can send me will ever make me “blush”. BRING IT ON, I am here for you to help you find your OWN beauty! 

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Boudoir props: It's not science. | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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Top (hat) o’ the week to ya! Say that in whatever accent you choose :)

But, no, really.... Miss B brought a TOP hat to her session (that was a first, but I loved it!). I wondered if it had special meaning to her, if she was a part-time magician, etc., and she simply said “Saw it on my floor on my way out the door and thought it looked cool!’. I mostly have US Weekly and bubble wrap on my floor, but I’m sure we could find some way to make it ‘hot’.  The point is, the thing you bring doesn’t have to be special and you don’t have to overthink it.. it can just be something fun, simple, and random. 

top hat unique prop atlanta boudoir session charleston boudoir photographer nashville wedding gift_0021.jpg

Of course... there are manyyyyy additional props that have been brought in to studio outside of this top-hat number. For instance... check out this corded phone (wait, WHAT?! yep, they still exist).

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Part of booking your session with us is getting to go through your wardrobe with our client manager, Kelsey. She'll not only assist you with arranging your session wardrobe, she also helps when it comes to prop ideas! Never be afraid to run an idea past us... if it is personal to you it will mostly likely work well for the session.

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Here are just a few items we've had clients bring in:




Balls (all kinds ;) )

Riding crops

Body jewelry




'Toys' :)


Liquor bottles






... and more :) 

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A wardrobe option to fall all over | Atlanta boudoir photographer

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Let's talk about Fall. This glorious season in which it's just cool enough to wear some layers and just warm enough to get to choose how many layers you want to wear. For Atlanta, summer is brutal for fashion. We carry changes of clothes in our cars for when we inevitably sweat through whatever we're wearing. 

Fall is amazing. We can finally curate outfits that look like they are straight out of a fashion-blogger's closet instead of the set of the Walking Dead... plus there's the whole 'smell of fires and leaves and festivals'. 

While boudoir photography isn't exactly a seasonal activity, there are specific wardrobe requests that have a more seasonal feel to them! One such request is the classic big-ol' sweater. The sweater-look is one of those wardrobe ideas that, while extremely simple, can be molded and changed to match any personality! There are chunky sweaters, long sweaters, sheer sweaters, off the shoulder sweaters, holey (not the religious kind) sweaters, tight sweaters, get the picture :) honor of fall and sweater-weather... here are some recent examples! 


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Personal sex appeal enhancers | Atlanta Boudoir photographer

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Guys, I see SO many props. I capitalize 'SO' because I want you to know that I see a lot of props. You know what, I also say 'SO' in that way (you know...the capitalization) because I want you to know that it is totally ok to bring in a prop. Hell, I welcome it!!! Props are personal, they reflect elements of your personality that can only be brought out by the presence of Harry Potter glasses/soccer balls/whips/feathers/paint/Falcons jerseys/McDonald's Hamburgers/etc. 

I love it. 

Props get a bad rap... I don't know why, maybe because our only experience with prop photography (in a sexy way) comes from 70s Glamour shots and George Costanza's sexy shoot from Seinfeld. 

Prop photography (in boudoir) is so much fun for me, I love getting to design incredible photographs that are personally special to my client (or the person my client happens to love). That is what 'props' are to me... personal. Also, I wish there was a different word to use than 'prop'. It sounds so....blah. Let's from now on refer to props as 'personal sex appeal enhancers'


Now.... for a recent example of a personal sex appeal enhancer: 

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It's all in the details | Atlanta boudoir photography

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Sometimes the best image if of you and the skin you're in. 

No lingerie.

No complicated boudoir props. 

No crazy lighting and hair and makeup. 

Sometimes the best images, the images that make your boudoir session your OWN, are the images of the details that make you YOU.

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We had to open the windows for this one... | Boudoir photography blog

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Here are some questions that many clients have nestled in the back of their minds, but that few clients have the courage to ask. 

"Is it ok if I bring a prop to my session?"

"Will it be super cheesy if I bring a prop?"

"How do you feel about... props?"

My answer is: Yes of COURSE you can bring a personal prop into a session, I do not feel ANY type of discouragement against props unless you are using a prop to hide behind (I'm looking at you, life-sized-Shaq-jersey). Let's make your boudoir session unique to you! Also, the only cheesy prop is a literal piece of cheese :)... which sounds about how my next boudoir session will go! 

God, I love cheese. 


Check out this 'prop' that was brought in. Ventilation was a must, and so was this shot. 

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