Spray and Play | Atlanta boudoir photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

It's pretty often that one of the #1 questions we receive during the planning stages of your boudoir session is: "How do you feel about props?". Of course this can go a few different ways because, let's be honest, there are some pretty – cough– specific –cough– items that could be brought in. :) I can honestly say that I've seen a LOT. Personal props are an incredibly creative way to add a bit of your OWN personality to your boudoir session and will absolutely set your images apart. 

Last week we had this unique prop brought in to enhance the individuality of her images (and a bonus was that HOTDAMN the room smelled great afterward). 

Oh snap, if you know anyone at Dior tell them to call me :) 

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