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Occasionally I'll dream up an idea that needs one or two client guinea pigs in order to see if I'm crazy or creative. I don't think those two terms are necessarily mutually exclusive, but I think that YOU, my clients, would be a bit more hesitant to hire me if I described my work as 'crazy' :) 

This current move into my creatively crazy experiment had to do with a photo series I saw that involved body paint. Once I saw that series I KNEW I needed to try using body paint during a session. 

Of course I knew nothing about body paint and I'm pretty sure my studio's security deposit would go up in flames if I managed to get paint all over the beautiful hardwoods. Regardless, I'm a risk taker... plus I found out that body paint comes off with soap and water, which makes it easier to work with than mascara and eyeliner. 

I'll spare you the rest of the details and just show off one of the first peeks into this session: 

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I LOVED incorporating body paint into this boudoir session. I loved it so much that I convinced my next client to partake in the body-paint experiment, too! 

Creative... crazy... whatever. This was so much fun!







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