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On any given week I'll hear no less than 17 different reasons why women have chosen to come in for their boudoir session.

Aside from birthdays, anniversaries, new tattoos, weddings, and the 'TREAT YO SELF' narratives there is one additional reason that gets listed in the 'WHY' portion of their initial inquiry. 

"I want to do this before a baby ruins my body"

Now, as a former baby, I'm a bit offended by that. 

Of course pregnancy can and does change your body, but 'change' is hardly a synonym for 'ruin'. Your body is going through an incredible (and slightly weird) process, but it is evolving... not being ruined. What a privilege to have your body be able to go through the process of pregnancy. Not every woman that wishes for it is able to have the experience. 

So look at it in a different light... you're body is just going through a phase. Yes, you will likely look physically different after this phase has ended, but you get to love yourself all over again in a new way. And again, as a former baby, it would make me so happy to know that my mother loves the change that we created together.


Now for some proof that babies aren't all that bad: 

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