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WELL HELLOOOO THERE! Thanks for coming up out from under the Olympics rock to reach my blog :) If your'e like me then you've been actively refreshing your NBC app in order to catch every single second of gymnastics and diving. I'll let it be known that I also enjoy watching the Women's air-pistol (is that what it's called) because those ladies could DEFINITELY be Bond girls. They are incredible.

That being said, here is the continuation of my boudoir series of the 5 most common misconceptions you might have about your boudoir session. 

Parts one, two, and three, are here.... read those to get caught up on this series! I'm full of tips, and questions YOU might have are likely asked by others! This series is also great for anyone even considering a boudoir session or knows someone that is considering a session. 

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Alright. Now let us get on dowwwwnnnnnn to the meat of this post. 

Being that it is nearly the end of summer (kids are back in school, your coworkers are rejoicing that kids are back in school, you are cursing the traffic that comes from kids being back in school....) you've had an entire almost 3 months to be photographed in bathing suits. No doubt this has had you practicing your posing in front of a Target mirror as you decide which bathing suit would look good from all angles. 

Of course, no matter how much you practice the art of concealing the weird back-rolls that come from a certain bathing suit, you inevitably will have about 400 terrible pictures taken of you in said suit. Commence the Facebook de-tagging. Thank goodness FB allows us to review pictures before we accept the tags. Lord have mercy. 

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This brings me to an important anxiety about posing in lingerie. If you can't even be trusted to nail your beach-body poses, how on earth could you be trusted to nail your lingerie poses?

This is where I, the queen of all that is good and right in the world, will help you out. 

We'll talk about the 'good and right' later :)

Myth #4: You will have to practice posing before your boudoir session.

  1. We’ve all done it. We catch ourselves in the mirror…we do a double-take…we face ourselves…an eyebrow begins to lift… our lips part…for some reason our weight shifts and our hands go to our hair. Nailed it. The sexy face. Cue the selfie.
  2. Since we’ve nailed the sexy-face, and no doubtedly practiced it 193 times, we attempt to try it out in public during the ever-present photo opportunities that occur during dinner. We see the end-result, fully expecting to SLAY better than all involved in the image. What do we see? Basically Shrek. No offense to Shrek, but I can think of some more attractive characters. 
  3. THIS is why I say leave the posing up to me. There is no need for you to practice. If you want to practice then my best advice is to stretch or do yoga. Posing can be hard. The truth is that my camera angle, the careful awareness and design of lighting, the pattern of the sun, and the arrangement of furniture can make your ‘sexy face’ seem like you’ve been stuck in a bout of constipation. Leave this to me. You hire me to take care of the entirety of the details surrounding your boudoir session and this is a HUGE detail. 
  4. There is a great benefit in leaving posing up to me. You’ll never be lost at what to do, I’ll give explicit instructions on how to tilt your head, I’ve photographed in my studio for FIVE years and so I KNOW the light. I'll make sure that my eye and my lens see you from the best angle possible. There is no way for you to know what your best angle is when you walk into my studio. 
  5. Lastly: Your wardrobe can have specific influences on which poses look best on you (I’ll see this!). You may not be able to notice it, but when I put you in a position I will be able to see how the boning of your corset buckles, how the lace of your bra rests on your chest, or how the thigh-highs press into your leg a bit too much once they are at a certain height.  Leave it up to me. You've hired me to be the best boudoir photographer that money can buy, so let me be the best boudoir photographer that money can buy. 
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Above all, I know that your brain is on fire when you're walking in to your boudoir session. Your heart is beating and your muscles are shaking. Nerves are a given, and it would be really weird if you weren't nervous at the thought of posing in lingerie in front of someone you may have never met. Even so... trust me. You picked me, you hired me, you loved my work. It is in my best interest for me to photograph you beautifully... after all, I want you to WANT the final product! That's how I fund my growing collection of drugstore lip glosses :) 


Kidding, kind of. 



Do you have additional questions or are interested in your OWN boudoir session?! Write me here.