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One of the most frequently asked quesitons that we get pertains to the boudoir wardrobe. "Where do I shop? What looks best for my body type? What do I even wear in the first place?!"

"Do I need to bring my own boudoir wardrobe, or do you supply the outfits?"

You will be bringing your own outfits for your shoot with us! I have a few things you can borrow, but you will bring your own under-things...and anything else you'd like!! You are welcome to bring several outfits, I will help narrow them down and choose what I believe will work best for you. 

Wondering what you can borrow? We’ve got robes, corsets, shoes, oversized sweaters, tank tops, lace chemises, wraps, body chains… all of these are perfect for boudoir! Once you book your session let us know ASAP if you’d like to borrow something from our closet so that we can reserve it (and make sure it’s clean!).

Looking to bring your own items? We partner with a few local lingerie stores here in Atlanta and we can set up an appointment for you!

No matter what, we won’t leave you hanging with your wardrobe selections… and if all else fails then we can always wrap you up in sheets ;)