Our Lingerie Shopping Guide is now available!! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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The official Own Boudoir Lingerie Shopping Guide is here!

We’ve gone through seven years of helping clients and photographers know where to find the best lingerie, the best body chains, the perfect off-the-shoulder sweaters, and not-too-tight thigh highs, and heels that are the perfect height. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to us before now that we needed to officially write out our guide, but I’d like to think that we’ve used the last 7 years to real perfect our suggestions!

The point of this guide is to direct clients (and photographers!) toward the best stores for outfitting a boudoir session. Searching for lingerie, for heels, for garter belts, and for ANYTHING that you’re wearing in your boudoir session can be quite daunting and overwhelming. Go ahead, Google ‘lace corset’, you’ll find thousands of results. We’ve narrowed down the best places to shop so that you don’t have to scroll through the maze of the internet. Boudoir sessions can already be a little intimidating and cause a case of nerves, we don’t want you to get more nervous or intimidated because of the shopping element.

So, without further ado, our Lingerie Shopping Guide is here! Click on the link below to download the guide!

Happy shopping!,

Sarah and the OWN team

Lingerie Guide

*Are you a photographer that would like to have this guide for yourself? Send me an email for an un-branded version!

(This lace dress is from Amazon, and is an extremely popular option for our clients! It is marketed as a maternity dress for photoshoots, but works for everyone)  Find it here.

(This lace dress is from Amazon, and is an extremely popular option for our clients! It is marketed as a maternity dress for photoshoots, but works for everyone) Find it here.

This is one of my FAVORITE bodysuits. It is by the brand Maison Close. It can be found online or at Anna Bella Lingerie (Atlanta) and Trashy Diva Lingerie (Atlanta and New Orleans)

This is one of my FAVORITE bodysuits. It is by the brand Maison Close. It can be found online or at Anna Bella Lingerie (Atlanta) and Trashy Diva Lingerie (Atlanta and New Orleans)

How far out should you book your boudoir session? | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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***availability update for 2019:

3 spots left for April 2019

6 spots left for May and September 2019

4 spots left for June 2019- (June is ideal for early September deadlines)

"When should I book my boudoir session?"

Outside of the rest of the questions that you have about booking a boudoir session, the question of "WHEN?" should absolutely be at the top of your list. Picking a date and time is definitely step one because we're going to need to figure out when you should show up (duh!). It'll also give you a good idea of how long you have to freak-out before stepping foot into the studio ;) 

Unfortunately, all too often we have to turn clients away because we are fully booked. I absolutely love when clients are so eager to have us photograph their session, but I hate having to disappoint when we can't accommodate a deadline. 

The answer to the big question?

You should book your boudoir session at LEAST 2-4 months in advance, especially for holiday deadlines (our busiest time of the year!). Booking your boudoir session in advance gives us ample time to plan out the personal aspect of your session. Poses, wardrobe, music choices, etc. are all planned separately in the months leading up to your session. 

Hoping for a miracle that we'll be able to squeeze you in? Please always ask, but just between you and me these aren't the kind of squeezes you'd typically enjoy. 

Ready to make your first step?

Contact us today! 

We can't wait to meet you!!!




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Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 4.45.17 PM.png

You'll never stay dry with this boudoir set ... | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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(The title of this blog post had me trying to figure out how to write an introduction that included both the words ‘boudoir’ and ‘wet’, but I couldn’t figure it out without wanting to make a dirty joke… so this is what you get)

Shower sessions have become one of our most popular requests. I mean, think about it:

You’re (hopefully) used to taking a shower, and so it isn’t as foreign to you as putting on a strap-heavy set of underpants

It requires very little posing instruction (due to the familiarity of knowing how to take a shower)

Hot and steamy skin looks sexyyyyyyy

These images are completely unexpected when one thinks about ‘lingerie photos’ (aka boudoir photographs).

For 2019 we’ve taken our shower set-up up a notch and we’ve made it an entirely separate add-on for your sessions. This way we can specifically create a shower backdrop just for you and based on the inspiration images that we discuss before your shoot. Believe it or not, most of the shower images don’t feature a real shower :) but you’ll have to come in studio to figure out our secrets.

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atlanta boudoir photographer, boudoir photography, shower boudoir ideas, best boudoir photographer, atlanta boudoir
atlanta boudoir photographer, atlanta boudoir session, boudoir

You deserve to feel amazing in your OWN skin,

Bridal boudoir sessions are back!! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Bridal boudoir sessions are back!!

Are you newly engaged? Have you been engaged for 10 years? Are you THINKING about getting engaged? Do you want to drop a hint to someone that you would like to be engaged (and obviously the best way to drop that hint would be to have a bridal-themed boudoir session)?

We have the perfect session for you!

Bridal boudoir sessions were first introduced by us in 2016, but we discontinued them for 2018 while we strengthened our shooting levels. Now, though, for 2019 we have brought bridal boudoir sessions back.

While our clients can absolutely book one of our larger sessions and incorporate bridal looks in those, the bridal boudoir session is for those clients (past, present, and future), that want to really focus on the bridal aspect of their boudoir shoot.

Bridal Boudoir Sessions are $550 and include a one-hour session, 2 outfits (one must be a bridal outfit), and 10 digitals images or a little black book.

Ready to book your OWN bridal boudoir session (it also makes a great bachelorette gift!)? Click here to get started!

Check out our Valentine's Day themed sessions (exclusive to past clients only!) | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Yesterday was either a day of love, a day of annoyance, or just another Thursday. Valentine’s day pulls in mixed reviews from everyone, but over here at OWN Boudoir we celebrate it in the best way we know how: boudoir photos!

Once you book with OWN boudoir and have your first session you become a part of an exclusive community. As a past client you not only get the transformative feeling that comes with seeing your OWN beauty captured on camera, but you get exclusive access to past-client events and special themed sessions (woo hoo!!!!).

Valentine’s day happened to be one of those instances where we offered special themed sessions just for past clients. We were able to get creative (I mean, just CHECK out these images) and have a blast creating a Valentine’s boudoir activity that was really just for our clients (even if they DID end up wanting to give the images as a gift).

Interested in booking your own boudoir session (and joining the club)? Click here!

Top 5 ways to prepare for your boudoir session! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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You’ve booked your boudoir session, but how do you prepare for the big day? Here are our top 5 tips for preparing for your boudoir session!

atlanta boudoir photographer, bridal boudoir, wedding boudoir ideas, boudoir tips, best boudoir tips

  1. Start stretching

    In our client guide we joke around that a boudoir session with us is more like a pilates session than a sexy photoshoot. Sure, you’re in lingerie (or not!) and the resulting images are absolutely stunning, but getting stunning images requires a lot more physical strain than you’d think. While many of our clients book with the intention of using boudoir as work-out motivation, I’ll tell you that working out is way less important than stretching. Get your body used to twisting and arching and bending by stretching a few times a week. It’ll help you immensely during (and after!) the session, plus it’s healthy for you!

  2. Gather inspiration images

    While we don’t copy other photographer’s work, or even copy exact poses I’ve done with other clients, we love to see images that you’re inspired by. Sending in inspiration images helps us to plan out your session, suggest different outfits, understand your goals, and set expectations (we don’t have a claw-foot tub overlooking the Swiss alps here in the studio, so we’d have to reset your expectations if you sent us a shot like that). Sending in inspiration photos is especially helpful if you really have NO idea what you like. Browsing images will help you to figure out what styles, poses, outfits, etc that you are most drawn to and will give us a great jumping off point for your session.

  3. Respond to our emails

    That may seem sarcastic to you, but seriously, we’re just trying to help you out! We send questionnaires (two, to be exact), and planning questions to our clients throughout our planning process. These are designed to make sure that there are no unknowns when you walk into our studio. We will know your favorite music (and have it playing), whether or not you want to go nude, when your deadlines are, your favorite side of your face, etc. Our questions also help your to think of more questions to as us (which is especially great if you have no idea where to begin). So, please.. let us help you!

  4. Try on your lingerie/outfits

    This should seem like a given, but so many clients come into the studio and haven’t tried on the items that they want to wear for the shoot. At that point, if something doesn’t fit correctly or has a hole in it then there is no time to order or shop for a new one. I’ve heard “oh man, I don’t like this as much as I thought I would” about a million times. While we have items in our boudoir closet that we often supplement into client’s wardrobe selections, we definitely don’t want that to be your only option (especially if you ordered something you were really excited about). Trying on your wardrobe beforehand gives you (and us) an opportunity to intercept any wardrobe issues, PLUS it gets your more comfortable with wearing it, which in turn helps when you’re wearing it on camera.

  5. Speak up

    Have a question about privacy? Wondering if we can cover up the tattoo you got at age 18? Going through a rough patch in your relationship? Wondering if we can accommodate symptoms of your auto-immune disease? Don’t be afraid to speak up and let us know, even if it’s just to ask us not to ask you about something (read that sentence 4 times to understand it, haha!). But really, let us know what is going on with you or if you’ve got a question or an idea that may seem ‘weird’ to you. I promise that after 10 years and over 3000 clients, we’ve likely encountered almost anything you could approach us with AND handled it for the best.

atlanta boudoir photographer, boudoir session, atlanta boudoir session, atlanta boudoir poses, pearls, boudoir tips

Can’t wait to meet you, and remember, we’re here to help the whole way through!

Check out these boudoir hacks (and get some ideas for your next session)! | Atlanta boudoir photography

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Have you ever seen an outfit or an image that inspires you so much that you MUST recreate it? You scour the internet to find an exact skirt (or coat, or hat, or pair of shoes, or whatever) only to find it and realize it has been sold out for 4 years. It’s so frustrating, and I have definitely been there.

A couple of weeks ago we had a client bring in an amazing blue faux-fur coat. Of course she had purchased it years ago and it is nowhere to be found on the whole entire internet (yes, I looked). Well everyone LOVED that coat (check out our Instagram to see it!), especially one client that was due to have her boudoir session the following week. This client then came up with one of the most brilliant hacks we’ve seen in order to recreate the look of the blue coat.

Check out her version of the blue coat, and then check out where she found it!

atlanta boudoir, boudoir photographer, atlanta boudoir photography, boudoir session, boudoir wardrobe ideas
atlanta boudoir, boudoir photographer, atlanta boudoir photography, boudoir session, boudoir wardrobe ideas, blue fur coat

AND…. here is the fantastic $30 blanket that created that gorgeous boudoir piece:

blue faux fur blanket, boudoir wardrobe, atlanta boudoir

Looking to buy one of these for your own boudoir session? I’m craving to shoot the dusty pink version! Vintage vibes for sure. Find the blanket here.

There you have it, one of my favorite boudoir hacks of recent. I love sharing how to creatively achieve certain looks, and so I’ll make sure to update any further boudoir hacks!


How did she react to her boudoir photos? | Client Interview | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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This wonderful woman not only has one of the coolest jobs I’ve ever heard of, but she also masquerades as a certified babe underneath all of those scrubs. Getting to catch her in-between flights (flights that she takes because she’s on her way to save someone’s LIFE) was such a privilege. Her boudoir session was full of questions from both Kari (her hair and makeup artist) and I. After hounding her with questions about how her job works and where it takes her we were able to shut up for a few hours and create a beautiful collection of images. Read below to hear about her experience and check out her images!

boudoir photography, atlanta boudoir photographer, boudoir photographer atlanta, atlanta boudoir session

1) How old are you... or if you prefer, who were you listening to at age 14 :)?

Currently 28 

2) What do you do for a living? Or... How do you typically spend your days?

Flight nurse is my real job. But if I’m not treating patients, you can find me curled up with a good book and a comfy blanket. 

3) What prompted you to consider booking a boudoir session?

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. And these pics did just that for me! 

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4) Fears and hesitations are common when it comes to boudoir! What (if any) fears or hesitations did you have with regards to your session?

Like everyone, I have certain aspects of my body that I might not like a well as others. But my session made me fall in love with all my “flaws”. It’s also a little intimidating to “bare it all” to a stranger; however, once I met everyone those worries flew out the window. 

5) Thank you so much for choosing OWN! What was it about us that made you choose us for your boudoir session?

I have stalked the Instagram page for a long while. I love the style of all the photos. And the insta stories made me feel like we were best friends. 

6) How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)?

Gah, it was sooo much fun. I recommend everyone try it at least once. I was nervous that I would be awkward. I might have actually been awkward, but I was made to feel like I rocked my shoot. My pics prove that I did because I had an awesome instructor. 

boudoir photography, atlanta boudoir, boudoir shoot, atlanta boudoir photographer, atlanta makeup artists

7) What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (primping, the shoot, seeing images, giving the images..etc)

Seeing the end product is always the best part, however to have a day where you get a whole day about you is probably the most memorable part of the experience.

8) How has the response been to your images?

Girl! My images have been a hit! It’s neat to see what stands out the most to different people. I have gotten nothing but A+ responses!! 

9) What is your advice for women interested in such a session (aside from "JUST DO IT!!!")?

Everyone deserves to feel sexy, beautiful. Love the skin you’re in and let the lady with the camera do the rest. ;) 

Atlanta Boudoir photographer, best boudoir, boudoir atlanta, own boudoir, boudoir poses

10) What has changed about the way you see your OWN beauty?

I might see “flaws” but looking through a lens of a camera I know now that even flaws are beautiful. 

Ready to book your OWN boudoir session? Pick your date before January 31st to secure our 2018 pricing (AND to lock in our weekend availability)

Book your session here!

Here's WHEN you should book your boudoir session | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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Wondering when the best time to book your boudoir session is? Look no further than this post! Here we have listed all of the deadlines and date information that you need!

Here’s an example of our best selling package: An 8x8 album holding 25 images, a custom USB holding 25 full resolution digital images, and a complimentary mini album!

Here’s an example of our best selling package: An 8x8 album holding 25 images, a custom USB holding 25 full resolution digital images, and a complimentary mini album!

This post is designed to set you up for success, ensuring that you never miss the cut-off date for the holidays and making sure you know JUST how long it takes to get your album back so that you’ve got the perfect birthday gift. We had a LOT of sad emails this past season because we were booked to capacity and could not accommodate last-minute requests for boudoir gifts. While we don’t mind being booked up, we do hate having to send the “NO VACANCY” email to clients that are so excited to work with us.

In order to help solve that problem I wanted to our clients know now (yes, in January) what the deadlines are for the ENTIRE year. This helps you to plan out your boudoir session, and probably gives you a bit of relief since you now know exactly how much time you’ll need between your session and your requested delivery date. I’m hoping that this helps us all have a little less anxiety next year as we are planning your boudoir session!

The bonus of having these dates out now? You can go ahead and get a head start on booking your session, giving you first dibs on dates and times (also remember that weekend availability is only available to book until January 31st, meaning if you’d like a weekend in November then it’s best to snag it now!).

A couple of things:

  • Print Deadline means this is when your session needs to happen in order to have your images printed (be it in an album, prints, or otherwise)

  • Digital Deadline means this is when your session needs to happen in order to receive your images digitally only.

Now for the big picture!

  • General boudoir delivery deadlines (gift for yourself, birthdays, anniversaries, new job, etc)

    • Printed Images- No less than 2 weeks before your deadline

    • Digital Images- No less than 1 week before your deadline

  • Valentine’s Day-

    • Printed Images- January 31, 2019

    • Digital Images- February 3, 2019

  • Hanukkah and Christmas 2019

    • Printed Images- December 3, 2019

    • Digital Images- December 13, 2019

And there you have it! These are all of the major deadlines that you’ll need to keep in mind when booking your boudoir session with OWN. Our travel schedule during the summer and fall will affect availability for sessions, but not shipping of products!

Ready to get a head start on your booking and make sure you get first dibs on dates? Pick your date and pay your deposit here.

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First boudoir shoot of 2019 | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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And just like that, we are officially in the 2019 boudoir season!

Today we had our first boudoir session of 2019. We have had a fantastic couple of weeks off here in Atlanta, but coming back into the studio was like gasping for air!! The creativity was flowing, we high-fived, played 90s hip hop, and drank champagne. I cannot WAIT to meet everyone this year… and to take your naked photos (kidding, kidding). Here’s an image from today’s boudoir shoot. I’ve also now started my quest for a blue fur coat.


It's not always about the veil | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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What do you wear for your bridal boudoir session if you’re not really in to the whole “bridal” thing?

While most of our clients have chosen to have their boudoir session for themselves, we do a have quite a few that choose to give the gift of their boudoir photos for birthdays, anniversaries, deployments, and of course as a wedding gift! But, what if bridal veils and garters aren’t exactly your style?

We get this question quite often from our bridal boudoir clients, and it really allows us to help curate a wardrobe for their shoot that they feel represents their OWN self. As we’re planning your session we will discuss images you are drawn to and the different outfits that you plan to bring with you. If the traditional bridal accessories don’t really excited you then tell us! To be honest, we will probably ask you about it, but just in case we don’t you had better veto any tiaras and white stockings that we try to suggest for you.

If you’re looking for non-traditional wardrobe choices for your bridal session, but still want to keep the ivory and white color scheme we have a few suggestions for where to shop.

One of our favorite places as of recent is Free People. Free people has been stepping up their ‘intimates’ category lately and they have gorgeous selections of robes, crop tops, body suits, tanks, bra sets, sheer gowns, etc. Here is one of my favorite pieces that would look great with a sheer bra (or nothing!) underneath.

bridal boudoir atlanta, atlanta boudoir photography, atlanta boudoir photographer,  wedding boudoir photography, own boudoir

You'll want to know about this one big change for 2019 | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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Every year we make a few adjustments to things around here, and this year is no different!

Our changes and adjustments are announced every year in our newsletter, which happens to come out tomorrow! However, with one of our changes, time is of the essence and so I wanted to let you know about it NOW!

We've been known to say 'yes!!' too many times to the point where our calendar is overbooked and we aren't able to give as much energy or time as we would like to our clients. For that reason, in 2019 we will only have three days a week available for sessions with Sarah, and as of January 31, 2019 we will no longer be offering weekend options with Sarah. Emma, our second photographer, will keep limited weekend availability for Base and Bridal sessions.

We believe this will better serve our clients by giving us more time to focus on each client's OWN experience!

If you were planning on having your boudoir session with Sarah this year (and were looking forward to a weekend), then you’ll want to schedule your session by the end of January in order to snag one of our last weekend spots!

Book your weekend boudoir session here (even if that means we won’t see you until November!)

See you this year!!!


Happy New Year from OWN Boudoir!! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Happy New Year!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you that trusted OWN boudoir in 2018. This year we photographed over 150 women (whaaaaa?!!!).

We’re gearing up to get back in studio (our first shoot is January 7th!!), but until then we are soaking up the newness of 2019 and solidifying our plans to take over the (boudoir) world.

…and you know what? While we have officially changed our prices for 2019 you can still book your boudoir session under our 2018 pricing until January 31!

Book your boudoir session with OWN and make us a part of your 2019 goals!

Get in touch here!

abigail sneak peek (3 of 3).jpeg

Sunday boudoir smiles in one of our favorite lingerie brands! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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It’s a warm, winter Sunday here in Atlanta. This of course calls for smiles!

BlueBella lingerie is one of our favorite brands to photograph. Their lingerie is unique, it is carried in a wide range of sizes, and it always photographs so well. I love recommending this brand to our boudoir clients because they’ve USUALLY never heard of BlueBella before (except that I keep blabbing about them, so that might no longer be true).

Check them out at www.bluebella.us

digitals (45 of 70).jpeg

Ready to book YOUR boudoir session? We’ll guide you with your wardrobe and make sure you smile, too.

Book your session or get more information right here.

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One of the most frequently asked quesitons that we get pertains to the boudoir wardrobe. "Where do I shop? What looks best for my body type? What do I even wear in the first place?!"

"Do I need to bring my own boudoir wardrobe, or do you supply the outfits?"

You will be bringing your own outfits for your shoot with us! I have a few things you can borrow, but you will bring your own under-things...and anything else you'd like!! You are welcome to bring several outfits, I will help narrow them down and choose what I believe will work best for you. 

Wondering what you can borrow? We’ve got robes, corsets, shoes, oversized sweaters, tank tops, lace chemises, wraps, body chains… all of these are perfect for boudoir! Once you book your session let us know ASAP if you’d like to borrow something from our closet so that we can reserve it (and make sure it’s clean!).

Looking to bring your own items? We partner with a few local lingerie stores here in Atlanta and we can set up an appointment for you!

No matter what, we won’t leave you hanging with your wardrobe selections… and if all else fails then we can always wrap you up in sheets ;)



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It’s a rainy Thursday here in Atlanta and we have our LAST two boudoir shoots of 2018 coming up. This last week has been a hard one as we have been racing against the clock and against UPS to make sure all of the holiday orders are out before we take off for the year. At this point I feel like we need a boudoir studio JUST to hold all of the packages and shipping materials that we have accumulated.

This year has been one of those that I’m not quite certain wasn’t a really intense dream. We have had months full of fun, months full of what can only be described as “double mercury in retrograde” and months that have seemed to go by so fast that we are wondering if they even exist.

Ahyway, a longer “end of the year” post is definitely coming up… but I wanted to write a little “pre thank you!!!” for this 7th year in the business of boudoir!

ahudson (25 of 50).jpeg

Speaking of the last of the year, our pricing and options will be changing for 2019. For a limited time you can still book your boudoir session under the 2018 pricing options! Make us one of your goals for 2019!

Check out our latest on location shoot! | Atlanta Boudoir Photography

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It’s not every day that we get to shoot on location, and this past weekend we had access to a gorgeous location for a round of boudoir mini-sessions (available to past clients only, btw!)

Le Maison Rouge is a burlesque style event space in Atlanta modeled after Moulin Rouge in Paris. It’s sensually dark, has a collection of beautiful velvet chairs, and the lights all glow a dim red. There are sequins, a stage, a bar, a throne with a lion theme…. you get the picture, right? It is also PERFECT for a very specific style of boudoir session. Had it not been for one of my past clients I never would have considered renting this space. She and I have photographed 6 (!!!) times together, and that is a LOT of boudoir. Each time we get together we are looking for ways to reinvent her look and channel the next level of creativity. This time was no different, and we took it up a FEW levels in boudoir for this round.

The full story (and image set) from our on-location boudoir shoot at Le Maison Rouge is coming soon, but for now please feast your eyes on these insane few images from our day.

Ready to book your boudoir session? We’re honoring our 2018 pricing for all 2019 bookings until December 31, 2018! Book now to snag this year’s options!
Get in touch here!

This body chain is now a part of our studio closet! | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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What do you do with those accessories or lingerie that you’re pretty certain you’d never wear outside of your boudoir shoot?

We get this question every few weeks, and my answer is always the same: Give them to me!! I will take great care of them, and those unique pieces that helped create your perfect boudoir look (but don’t really have a place in your home closet) will get put to great use!

Exhibit A: This body chain was recently donated to the boudoir closet after a client’s session! It’s obviously great as a body chain, but I’ve used it as handcuffs/ties, as well as a collar (and a few other things ;)).

Could it be perfect for your boudoir session, too? It’s here waiting for you! I can also easily pop it into my luggage if you’re not having your session here in Atlanta… it doesn’t exactly take up a lot of room ;)

atlanta boudoir photographer, maison close body chain jewelry, creative boudoir, own boudoir
atlanta boudoir photographer, maison close body chain jewelry, creative boudoir, own boudoir, boudoir ideas

Ready to book your boudoir session? New bookings for 2019 can take advantage of our 2018 pricing before it changes on December 31! Click here to get in touch!

When the holidays kind of suck (A personal post) | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Let’s just put it out there: sometimes the Holidays really suck.

“Happy Holidays! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy all of the things!!!” Is it appropriate to flip someone the bird if they say that to you? The holiday season, or any holiday ever, isn’t happy for everyone.

The holidays can honestly be anything but happy, and I’ll come right out and say it: this holiday season isn’t exactly looking particularly happy for myself, my family, my boyfriend’s family, and a variety of the people that I have in my life. Generally I love a good email from Sephora and a spruce-tree candle, but right now I hate it all and also I’m avoiding them… along with any stupid, dumb, cheesy, warm-toned, Hallmark Movie. I did buy a tree, but it’s about as “Charlie Brown” as you can get while still making an effort.

Over the 2018 year there existed a litany of life circumstances (can we just call it SHIT?) that had myself and those around me wanting to crawl into a dark, warm bed, only to return after it was all over. And while I’ve only recently encountered certain circumstances that are making me dread the holidays, I know that “Holiday Hell” has existed for so many of you before now. It’s been years since you could look fondly on family gatherings, on special recipes, on memories that you now look back on with pain because they feel false. 

Since August especially we have experienced the deaths of two very important family members. Once on my boyfriend’s side and once on my side. During and before those deaths we have been faced with sickness, tragedy, and accidents with our family and friends. During an exciting trip to upstate NY in August we learned of the passing of Frank’s mom’s partner of nearly 20 years. During this past week we learned of the passing of my aunt, the matriarch of our family (and where I get my affinity for black and bling). Both passings were after we had already made plans to visit because the inevitable was going to happen. We never made it for our last good byes. 

For this holiday season we, and many of our friends, are experiencing a “first” holiday without loved ones. I say “a first holiday” because for the next year there will be many more “first holidays” without them. While I feel sad that this is our first holiday without each other, I also know that there are so many of you that have had countless holidays without those you love, and also without those that you wish loved you.

So, let’s be honest. The holidays are not always happy. They f***ing suck sometimes. Holidays, which are supposed to bring us together in love, joy, thankfulness, remembrance, and reverence, are often clouded with hurt, sadness, anger, apathy, loneliness, and distance. 

At this point I know we could add to the list of negative feelings, but that isn’t the point of this post. Mostly I want to let those of you that feel alone, anxious, pissed off, sad, and allllllllll of the other emotions that aren’t displayed in a Hershey’s or a Gap commercial that it is OK and that someone else out there feels what you feel. 

Hugs to all of you, I’ll be flying to upstate NY for a few days and immediately flying to Savannah, GA for gatherings at opposite ends of the country, but without opposite situations. For those of you in pain, in love, alone, sick, tired, hurt, isolated, pissed off, and on the edge: much love and virtual hugs. The holidays can suck so hard, and you’re definitely not the only one to feel that. 

I’m thankful for all of you that follow along and support OWN. The community of clients, photographers, and friends is incredibly encouraging during hard times and for that I will never feel an ounce of sadness.